Concierge services starting at $25/hour.

(Consultations are always free)


Home/office organization

Whether it's your home or office you want it neat and organized. We're here to make it happen.  Areas that we often address:  Bedrooms & bathrooms, children's rooms & playrooms, Kitchens and pantries, libraries & collections, offices and home offices, desk & paperwork management. 

home management

As a house manager, we take care of everything a home(s) need - staff selection and management, travel to and from residences, packing kids for camp, packing/unpacking clothing, furniture & fine art care, manage maintenance & catering, oversee construction & landscaping. 

elder care

Everyone needs help.  If you have a parent in need it's a stressful situation for everyone.  We provide in-home care (not nursing) and take care of light housekeeping, cooking/preparing meals and most importantly giving them someone to talk to.    We become your eyes and ears.


We do light housekeeping so you can come home to a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone wants to return where you have a relaxing  'home cave'. We'll even show you how to have crisp sheets without the ironing!

pick, pack & ship

Dry cleaning, gift wrapping or final holiday shipping?  Your headache is our pleasure!

pampering pooches

Let's get this straight - we love dogs!   Walking, vet appointments, nail clipping & play dates and kisses at no charge! 

personal chef

Specializing in healthy, nutritious meals & snacks.  We do full meals and meal planning and can work with you to ensure that we prepare what you (and your family) will actually eat.  We'll even leave recipe cards for you to try on your own too. 

staff selection 

We know what good staff can do for a home.  It's a breaking point for many people be it the right nanny, housekeeper, cook or valet.   The issue is that most companies are just placing a warm body in your service.   We pride ourselves in finding the right fit and personality for your home and family and not just someone who has a pulse.